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The two civilizations have had a history of cultural, political, and economic exchanges along the Silk Road since at least BC, and possibly earlier. To this day, China and Iran have developed a friendly economic and strategic partnership. Zhang Qian clearly identifies Parthia as an advanced urban civilization, whose development he equates to those of Dayuan in Ferghana and Daxia in Bactria.

Burton Watson. The Parthians were apparently very intent on maintaining good relations with China and also sent their own embassies, starting around BC: “When the Han envoy first visited the kingdom of Anxi Parthia , the king of Anxi dispatched a party of 20, horsemen to meet them on the eastern border of the kingdom… When the Han envoys set out again to return to China, the king of Anxi dispatched envoys of his own to accompany them… The emperor was delighted at this.

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Check it out and subscribe here. All the compromised servers were running firmware vulnerable to CVE The forum to which the data were posted is frequented by ransomware gangs. Initially individuals and smaller organizations were the preferred targets, but more recently large companies, government agencies, and infrastructure have been the focus of threat actors. The US National Security Agency has released an advisory on the risks associated with the geolocation data many systems and apps routinely collect.

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China–Iran relations

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According to understandings dating back decades, Washington has refrained “​Members of the Iranian regime are the Nazis of the Middle East,” Taha People started rallying support on social media sites under the slogan.

A report on Tuesday that Washington intends a “giant” sale of F fighter jets and drones to the United Arab Emirates, in the wake of its rapprochement with Israel, was met with deafening silence by UAE officials on Wednesday. In the wake of the report, Intelligence Services Minister Eli Cohen said there was ” no change in Israeli policy opposing US sales of advanced weaponry to Arab states that could diminish Israel’s military superiority.

Follow Israel Hayom on Facebook and Twitter. Last week, the UAE and Israel announced a historic peace deal, which made the UAE the first Persian Gulf state to forge official diplomatic relations with Israel and the third Arab country overall to normalize relations with the Jewish state, following Egypt in and Jordan in The US Embassy in Jerusalem had no immediate comment on the report. According to understandings dating back decades, Washington has refrained from Middle East arms sales that may diminish Israel’s “qualitative military edge.

Meanwhile, Amjad Taha, an international affairs expert, a confidant of UAE government officials and popular social media pundit in the Persian Gulf, said it was Iran, not Israel, which should be worried by such an arms deal. Since the s, the Iranians have held three islands belonging to the UAE. They killed millions of Arabs in the war with Iraq, in Syria, and Yemen,” he said.

They don’t have the right to learn Arabic, unlike the Arabs in Israel, who also have representatives in the parliament. The Arabs in Iran have no rights whatsoever. They are killed in the streets,” Taha told Israel Hayom.

Iran: Internet dating website launched by state

In January, at the height of antigovernment protests across the country, authorities slowed down internet connections and at times completely blocked access to servers and data outside Iran see Restrictions on Connectivity. Telegram and Instagram were blocked by authorities in response to the protests. While both blocks were lifted by mid-January, Telegram was permanently blocked in April for being a threat to national security see Blocking and Filtering.

ZDNet reports that Kaspersky has found that the Iranian threat group Oilrig The US National Security Agency has released an advisory on the risks Avoiding Dating Disasters: Check Point Research Helps to Mitigate.

Recently, Israel and the UAE decided to formalize their relations. However, ties between Israel and the UAE are not new. Under the cover of attending meetings of the UN agency, Israeli diplomatic representatives and ministers over the years traveled to the Emirati capital and held meetings with counterparts on mutual interest, while maintaining a diplomatic backchannel. The cover was finally lifted on Aug. Both countries, however, issued statements that this visit does not reflect any change in their positions.

The agreement enables both countries to receive nuclear know-how, materials, and equipment from the US and its allies. In , the Defense News had reported that Israel had granted several GCC states, including the UAE, access to the Israeli-built Eros B satellite and its high-resolution imagery and had begun exporting communication, homeland security, and civilian technology against terrorism.

According to WikiLeaks cable dating to March , Marc Sievers, the political advisor of the US mission in Tel Aviv, mentioned that there was a secret and persistent dialogue between Israel and Gulf countries. In , the relations between the two countries strained after the UAE accused Israeli secret agency Mossad of assassinating the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a covert operation in Dubai. A year earlier, the same Mossad team had reportedly tried to poison the Hamas leader, who fell mysteriously ill but eventually recovered and was never aware he had been poisoned by Israeli operatives.

The issue created a row between the two countries. But the lure of nuclear technology and threat from Iran soon dissolved this anger.

‘Support for Palestinians in Arab world is waning’

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I was paying my bill at the hotel when they came. There were seven of them, stiff and formal in plain-clothes. He gave me a choice. Either I could be questioned in the hotel or in their car on the way to the airport. Almost automatically, I asked to see a lawyer or a diplomatic representative. He flicked his wrist, indicating that this was unnecessary. It was 7.

The officials ushered me into a small office in the hotel and crowded around my chair. The shortest man was in charge. He wore a dark, oversized jacket and trousers. His wavy hair was greasy and his face was lined. He bobbed up and down on a chair and patted my knee, though it was unclear whether he meant to reassure or threaten me.

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I ran has launched its first official matchmaking website to try to encourage more young people to marry. Nearly half of all Iranians from 18 to 35 are unmarried, around 11 million people but the Tebyan Cultural and Information Center, a government affiliated organisation has launched a website, to combat the rising trend among Iranian youth to marry later or even forego marriage completely.

Issues such as unemployment, economic means and housing have all contributed to this. It may be the closest thing to Tinder in Iran but young people in the West would find the restrictions suffocating. Online matchmaking has expanded swiftly in recent years with an estimated unofficial websites active at present. Since some young Iranians use these websites for dating and not necessarily marrying, the state regularly closes the sites.

– Iranian Singles Network ISN – is a iranian personals dating site dedicated to Persian men and women.

The year represented a noticeable development in the history of modern Iran with the Iranian Revolution. We can say that it represented a new kind of radical transformation in the Middle East. The main difference between it and the other Middle East transformations was that this revolution refused the class ideology. It adopted a religious ideology for social revolutionary transformation.

His foreign policy tried to make use of all Islamic world resources, as Iran insisted to have a special status in the international society. It became one of the most influential countries in the region because of its religious ideology, an ideology that aims at exporting the revolution to the Middle East countries. All Modern Iranian State Institutions, including the ministry of Intelligence, were employed to achieve this objective. The main principles of intelligence action in Iran, dating back to the second half of the 6 th century BC, were founded by Persian King Cyrus.

King Darius I managed, by the help of the post offices established by King Cyrus, to suppress protesting movements in Babylon. The operation put an end to this protests.

Tehran Ramps Up Campaign Against ‘Immoral’ Websites

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China–Iran relations refer to the economic, political, and social relations between the People’s relations between the cultures of China proper and Greater Iran, dating back to ancient times, since at least B.C. The Even Chinese state-​ran news agencies upheld the validity of the internationally controversial election​.

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